NOC needed for selling gold, MoI reminds people
February 09 2018 10:32 PM


The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has reiterated the need to exercise due caution and follow stipulated procedures while buying and selling gold and other jewellery in Qatar.
Highlighting the issue through posts on its Twitter page, the MoI has listed the procedures on its website and reminded people about the conditions for obtaining the mandatory no-objection certificate (NOC) to sell gold in the country.
Some people resort to the purchase and sale of gold jewellery without taking necessary safety precautions and following procedures, thereby exposing themselves to fraud, the ministry has said, advising that its tips be followed to ensure that such transactions are carried out safely.
“Please buy and sell gold jewellery only at shops licensed for this purpose,” the MoI tweeted. People should ensure that stamped original invoices and bills are provided in case of gold purchases, it added.
“In case of sale by individuals, get an NOC from the police.”
In its advisory on the website, the ministry noted that the procedures have been laid down “in the context of the preservation of personal property”.
The MoI said gold sales require the issuance of a no-objection certificate from the police, adding that several conditions have to be fulfilled – for transactions involving both men and women – for this purpose. 
The service is provided by the Gold Sales Office in Souq Waqif and security departments around the country. 
For gold sales by women, the conditions include bringing the gold for inspection, producing bills for the gold, if any, and bringing the ID card of the owner for citizens and residents, and the passport for visitors.
The requirements for men stipulate that the gold meant for sale has to be brought for inspection. The gold should belong to first-degree (mother, wife, sister, grandmother) or second-degree (aunt) relatives, the advisory says.
The seller has to bring the original ID of the gold owner as well as bills, if any. Also, the purchase invoice has to be produced if selling men's watches or gold bullion.
“When sending a representative of the owner of the watch or gold bullion, the original ID card of the owner and the invoice shall be produced,” the MoI said, informing that permits are not given for those under 18 years of age.
Also, a fee of QR10 has to be paid to through a debit/credit card to get the NOC.

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