Katara - the Cultural Village Foundation has said it is gearing up to receive thousands of visitors coming Tuesday, February 13, to take part in the seventh edition of National Sport Day.
The event will see the participation of 62 public and private entities, including 10 sports federations, 11 ministries and government departments, 14 health institutions and 10 food companies, according to the organisers.
A press conference featuring Ahmed al-Sayed, Katara's deputy general manager for Operations and chairman of the National Sport Day organising committee, and Abdulrahman al-Tamimi, director of Katara's Purchasing Department and vice-chairman of the organising committee, was held on Wednesday at the Cultural Village to announce the Sport Day events.
Also present were representatives of the participating entities, Katara said in a press statement.
Al-Sayed said Katara is well-prepared for the Sport Day and will open its playgrounds, beaches and facilities for all categories of visitors to enjoy and participate in their preferred sporting activities and games. 
He noted that the seventh National Sport Day celebration focuses more on community participation to allow people of all age groups to take part in sporting activities, whether they are common visitors, athletes, children, women or persons with special needs, adding that this was in line with Katara's efforts to spread sports awareness, promote healthy lifestyles and achieve Qatar National Vision 2030, the official Qatar News Agency (QNA) reported.
Besides, Katara is keen to offer visitors basic medical checkups and health advice.
On his part, al-Tamimi said there are 62 public and private entities participating in the Katara Sport Day activities, highlighting the facilities provided by the Cultural Village to ministries, institutions, sports federations and health centres.
Thousands of citizens and residents are expected to participate in the important annual event to enjoy different types of physical activity in a healthy and entertaining atmosphere, QNA added. 
Al-Tamimi said the 10 sports federations taking part in the celebration are concerned with boxing, wrestling, tennis, basketball, volleyball, football, sailing, rowing, table tennis and rugby.
Members of the public would be able to play these games and special games; competitions and activities would be also held for children. 
There are also 24 health and food facilities taking part in the event, which will offer their services and advice free of charge to the public at Katara throughout the day.
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