The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) has kicked off a campaign to educate road users about the newly completed road networks outside Doha City. 
The networks eliminate the need to pass through the internal roads of Doha by providing additional options to travel between the southern and northern areas of Qatar.
The awareness campaign aims to promote and encourage road users to identify alternative routes to their usual destinations and to experience the newly developed roads.
The expressway road network, opened over the past year. has been witnessing an increase in traffic volumes, especially with the roads in Doha such as Umm Lekhba Intersection (Landmark) undergoing extensive construction work recently. This will ease the pressure on these roads within Doha.
Ashghal aims to encourage the use of new roads to travel between the southern and northern areas of the country.
The Orbital Highway is serving as one of the most important routes in the network with the high traffic flow, giving direct access to vital destinations and link with most expressways in the network besides reducing the journey time significantly.
Ashghal is working to increase directional signs, which will facilitate access to the new expressways and to the desired destinations. This will be implemented through a new committee formed by Ashghal in co-ordination with other concerned parties.
The committee will review all the directional signs installed in the completed and ongoing road projects as well as the planned signs for future projects that are still to be executed.

The Umm Besher Interchange on G-Ring Road towards Religious Complex.

A citizen said he uses the New Orbital Highway daily to reach his own precast yard located on Wukair Road 1.
“I found a great improvement in the new layout (Wukair Road 1) as it is wider and safer and it has two lanes in both directions unlike the single lane on either side earlier. The entire road also has proper street lighting."
He said he used to drive in the evenings through Al Wukair Road which used to be congested. “However after the opening of the new layout, the congestion has come down significantly and considerable travel time is saved on the road.”
Samir Sabry, a resident of one of the Ezdan compounds in Al Wukair, said that as an engineer at the Hamad Port, he had to travel daily using Mesaieed Road heading towards Hamad Port.
“The new entrances to the port have saved our time and vehicles. Before it was only one entrance and the road was uneven."
Salem al-Marri, who works in Qatar Petroleum, said he uses Hamad Port road daily to reach his farm. “I would like to thank Ashghal for the newly constructed roads because we used to drive through the desert to reach our farm in the darkness. Hamad Port road has four lanes in each direction and adequate street lighting and guard rails for safe driving."
Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Jassim al-Thani, who lives in Al Wukair, said he had never used Al Wukair Road earlier to reach Al Kharrar.
“I found that the new layout helped save time significantly. There is a great improvement in all the safety features on the road. We are waiting for the remaining part of the road to be completed.
"I have also got a positive response regarding the new layout from managers of my camps in Al Wukair. Because it has saved the time of the labourers to reach their camps safely as well."
Lieutenant Ali Saud of the Al-Wakrah Traffic Police, who lives in Muaither, said he used to experience traffic congestion on way to work. “Now with easy access on the G-Ring Road and Al-Wakrah Bypass Road, the residents of the whole area have benefited."
Sara Tom, a resident of Wukair for the last two years, has witnessed massive changes in Al-Wakrah Bypass Road.
“Following the new openings of IC-10 (Al Meshaf Interchange), the journey time from Oasis compounds in Al-Wukair area to the Hamad International Airport, where I work, has reduced remarkably."
Yahia al Madhaka, manager of Al Waseef property management of Barwa Village, said: “Over 1,500 residents of Barwa Village benefited from the new openings of the airport interchange of G-Ring Road. The openings of the two crossing bridges of the Airport Interchange 49 that connect Al-Wakrah Road to Al Matar Street, central Doha and Hamad International Airport have been really significant accomplishments in Ashghal’s expressway projects.
"Ashghal has ensured smooth traffic flow through installation of advance signage to advise road users of the road changes."
Engineer George Samy, a resident of South Wukair Ezdan compounds, said “the newly laid road projects on the southern part of Doha Highway are benefiting residents of Al-Wukair area. Ezdan compound residents are now waiting for the full opening of IC-11A Exit towards Al-Wakrah. This opening will enable road users to have smooth access to the South Al-Wakrah area."
Abdullah Ismail, from Al Waseef management of Barwa Village, said: “Ashghal has played a pivotal role at improving traffic flow and connectivity from Barwa Village to the Old Airport area and F-Ring Road as well as to the southern area of Wakrah. The signs and direction for all accesses from and to Barwa Village are now clear. “
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