The UK-based Start Network yesterday received in London a visiting delegation from Qatar Charity (QC) to present its membership certificate.
Start Network includes 42 national and international aid agencies and humanitarian organisations from five continents and provides quick and effective humanitarian assistance to those affected in the areas of humanitarian crisis.
Start Network’s vice-chairman Matthew Carter, CEO Sean Lowrie and a number of its managers and officers met with the QC delegation headed by CEO Yousuf bin Ahmed al-Kuwari. In his welcome speech, Start Network CEO Sean Lowrie said, “We welcome Qatar Charity and the fresh perspective and expertise it will bring to the Start Network, as we lead for change in humanitarian aid. Our newest member and its commitment to humanitarian values are central to the Start Network’s ethos and the driving force behind our work to improve the international aid system.” Al-Kuwari expressed his gratitude on the QC’s admission to the network and said this reflected the keenness of the Start Network to open up, co-operate and co-ordinate with humanitarian organisations outside the European Community and, in particular, with the humanitarian organisations in the South.
He stressed that QC is keen to be an active and effective member of the alliance in co-operation with the rest of its members in order to develop and improve humanitarian work and enhance co-ordination and co-operation, especially in the crisis areas. The CEO said QC has the experience of more than a quarter of a century in the field of humanitarian work. It operates in more than 60 countries through its 27 field offices as well as in partnerships with the United Nations agencies, pointing out that QC made 42 co-operation agreements with the UN agencies.
“Qatar Charity also actively works with many international humanitarian organisations and institutions, which resulted in the signing of more than 93 partnership and co-operation agreements so far,” added al-Kuwari. QC joined the Start Network in February 2016 as an observer, and in November 2017, it was granted full membership by the Start Network Board of Directors on the basis that all membership conditions are met.
The membership is a recognition for the vital role played by QC, as well as for its capabilities and experiences that it has at the regional and international levels.
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