Comprehensive educational survey phase II begins
February 04 2018 09:28 PM
Ministry of Education and Higher Education


The Department of Assessment of Schools at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education will start implementing the second phase of the comprehensive educational questionnaire, which includes parents, students and teachers.

In general, the questionnaire is aimed at surveying the views of the different stakeholders in the educational process from parents, students and teachers on an annual basis.
Its results are used to improve the services provided to them and to use them in issuing different educational reports that give a clear picture of the reality of education in schools, which helps to improve the educational output.
The parents' survey is conducted every year on all public and private schools and kindergartens, which is a questionnaire distributed to school students to be delivered to their parents to be filled in and returned via their children in a closed envelope to the school the following day.
It covers 35% of the students in each school, and it will also be implemented on all public and private kindergarten students not affiliated with the school.
The survey will be conducted electronically for students of public and private schools from grades 4 through grade 12, as well as on 35% of the students in each school.
The survey will also be carried out electronically by 35% of the teachers of each public and private school, as well as to all teachers in the target kindergartens.
The Department of Student Assessment urged parents, students and teachers to participate in the survey and to follow accuracy and transparency in answering questions, because it is of great importance to attain the quality of the services provided in schools and work to develop and improve it, as well as to create a clear and comprehensive picture of the reality of education in schools, and to contribute effectively to the advancement of the educational process in the state.

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