The Drama Theatre at Katara — the Cultural Village Foundation, in co-operation with the Association of Memory Arts and Heritage, presented The Story of Qatar operetta yesterday and on Friday.

The operetta was held in the presence of a large audience from different nationalities, Katara said in a press statement.

Featuring some 20 “musical scenes”, the play highlighted the various historical stages witnessed by the State of Qatar, including the major changes and developments over time and the country’s “comprehensive renaissance”, Katara stressed.
The operetta also showcased the values of the Qatari society and its various social aspects.
In addition, the play presented social images that showcased the cultural identity of the Qatari people, highlighting “maritime adventures, diving and accompanying sacrifices and the patience it thrived on”, the statement noted.
The operetta evoked the history of Qatar spanning different periods of time since its establishment till date.
Members of the audience expressed admiration and appreciation for the show, and responded to the operetta with a warm applause.
The Katara Heritage Operetta entails a series of three musical plays that represents the history of Qatar, its social elements, unique cultural identity and the main developments that have influenced the country through its history.
The plays also aid in documenting Qatari values and victories.
This was the second set of shows held as part of the Katara Heritage Operetta initiative.
The first set of shows — Al Ghaos (Diving) — took place on December 29 and 30, 2017, while the next one — The Story of a Homeland — is scheduled for February 2 and 3, from 7.30pm to 9pm at Katara’s Drama Theatre.

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