Doha Peace pact key milestone for lasting stability in Darfur: official
January 13 2018 11:21 PM
Anas Omar
Anas Omar


Governor (Wali) of Sudan’s East Darfur State Anas Omar has said that “the Doha Peace Agreement is an important milestone for achieving security and lasting stability in all Darfur states.
This came in remarks by the Sudanese official, yesterday to the local radio, noting that the efforts associated with the Doha Peace Agreement by the Qatari leadership by expanding and strengthening the areas of development support that led to open the door to the opponents and those who hold weapons to make sure the seriousness of the peace process and the imposition of positive changes on the ground which require a response with a high national sense.
He added that the Doha agreement stimulated the people of Sudan to resort to reason and raise the highest national interests and be alert to the concerns of the homeland.
He noted that the arms collection operations currently being conducted in the Darfur states in fulfilment of the commitments of the Doha Peace Agreement benefited the State greatly where 8,000 guns were collected from the citizens voluntarily, and ended disputes and tribal differences and stopped confrontations between herders and farmers where the autumn season has succeeded in an unprecedented manner, and trade movement with all parts of Sudan and the regional environment has been affected by the delicate state-of-the-state insurance operations with the State of Southern Sudan, as well as the establishment and rehabilitation of interstate and local roads which created an unprecedented peace on the ground.

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