2.40mn transactions last year – Metrash2 rides high on popularity
January 07 2018 09:23 PM
Metrash2  award
Metrash2 has received many awards locally, regionally and internationally for the innovation and uniqueness of the application.


The number of transactions and inquiries completed through Metrash2 service in 2017 amounted to about 2.394mn, and 9.684mn, respectively. The total number of subscribers reached 395,000. A total of 153 services are available so far, of which 27 services were added in 2017.

Captain engineer Abdul Azeez al-Rowaili, assistant director of Information Systems Department at the Ministry of Interior, said that Metrash2 had received many awards locally, regionally and internationally for the innovation and uniqueness of the application.
Metrash 2 was awarded the Qatar Digital Government Award (Qitcom) in March 2017 in the category of best service provider for mobile applications.
The application also received the award of Sheikh Salem al-Ali al-Sabah (Best Technology Projects Award in the Arab World) in the category of Information 2017 - Government Sector.
In addition, Metrash 2 has been listed in the final list of the World Summit Awards. As a result of the unique service of the Residence Renewal Service, it has been qualified to participate in the Edison International Competitors as one of the most innovative government services for 2017/2018.
He added that many services were added during 2017, including Qatari Documents services for citizens so that they can apply or renew their passports or replace damaged or lost passport through this mobile app and receive it through mail or authorising other persons.
Another innovative service is the ID card renewal for employees. The system would automatically renew residence permits for employees of companies and government institutions periodically (each month) and would send new residence permits to the address of the company or government agency.
Cancelling a vehicle exit permit can be completed through this service, where the user can cancel a vehicle exit permit without checking the traffic department.
In addition, a number of residence services were added such as re-activation of RP, changing the passport information, replacement of lost / damaged residence permit and automatic renewal of residency.
The users can log onto the application through fingerprint or face identification in devices that support these features, allowing secure and fast access to the application without having to enter the password each time it is accessed.
Other new features include support for updating with new features in the Android system, updating the encryption in the application, and launching a new design for the application featuring easy use. The application currently supports payment by American Express cards.
Additionally, the most important services in the application have been adapted to suit those who are visually impaired, by supporting the sound feature of smart phones that they can perform the supported services alone without the need for assistance. This feature will be applied to all services to help those people.
Captain Ali Ahmad al-Binali, head of the Electronic Services section at Information Systems Department, said that many new services will be launched soon including a service for individuals and companies to issue the residence permit for the first time and delivery to the address without the need for reviewing the department.
After the resident has completed the medical examination and the registration of vital data such as fingerprint, the applicant can request for RP through simple steps. Future services include eye test registration, vehicle registration renewal and applying for family visits.

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