Seven months, or a little over 210 days, after the unjust blockade was imposed on Qatar, fruits and vegetables are available in adequate quantities and reasonable rates at the Doha Central Market, say consumers.

Speaking to local Arabic daily Arrayah, a number of customers from different nationalities praised the efforts exerted by the relevant ministries, government agencies and the private sector to ensure a steady supply of food products and for making them available to the people at reasonable prices.

The necessary steps have been taken to ease the arrival of food items, such as fruits and vegetables, in the country as well as reduce handling charges at ports, they point out.
A box of imported tomatoes (around 7kg) was found selling for QR20 at the Central Market, a sack (about 7kg) of onions for QR10 and a similar sack of potatoes for QR20. Also, a box of cucumber weighing 7-8kg cost QR 20, while a box of lemon was priced at QR12, according to the report.
Also, kiwi, peach and oranges were being sold at QR15 each for a box of 7-8kg.
Consumers told the daily that the swift efforts of entities concerned helped prevent any negative and monopolistic practices in the market. They affirmed that there has been a marked decrease in vegetable and fruit prices at the market, and local as well as imported produce are available in adequate quantities.
Mohamed al-Qahtani, a citizen, said the market is full of all types of fruits and vegetables imported from Turkey, India, Tunisia, Lebanon, Algeria and some European countries thanks to the efforts of the government to facilitate the smooth import of such items. He visits the market twice a month to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, which are available at lower prices compared to retail outlets elsewhere.
Abdallah al-Sulaiti, another citizen, noted that the market is subject to constant supervision by the consumer protection entities. Also, prices have come down considerably and suit everybody, he added.
Mohsin Haddad, an expatriate, said the market has not been negatively influenced by the blockade due to the quick actions of the relevant authorities to find suitable alternatives. This is also a great opportunity for Qatar to develop its farming and food sectors to meet the local needs, it was observed.

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