Charity funds projects in Kosovo city
January 06 2018 01:28 AM
The QC projects cover various key areas.

Qatar Charity (QC) is supporting sustainable development in Mitrovica, Kosovo, it has been announced. In 2017, QC managed to fund 144 projects as part of its economic empowerment plan for the district of Mitrovica, according to a statement.
QC has also signed an agreement to execute 60 new projects to endorse sustainable
development in Mitrovica.
The 1990s in Mitrovica, Kosovo, were a chapter of a devastating conflict that greatly damaged the city, the statement recalled. The aftermath of the war crippled the infrastructure, destroyed the lives of thousands and caused severe poverty.
“To rebuild the shattered Mitrovica, one of QC’s main priorities is to improve the lives of the affected families through improving their income and help them start a business of their own. Income-generation projects will restore people’s sense of equality, opportunity and dignity,” it was explained.
In May, 64 projects were financed while 80 others were distributed to the beneficiaries at a ceremony attended by Ajim Behitri, mayor of Mitrovica; Khalid Abdullah al-Yafei, head of project management at Qatar Charity; and Biraam Kosumi, deputy minister of public
administration, Kosovo.
The funded projects include agricultural greenhouses, agricultural machinery, rearing cattle (cows and sheep for milk), apiaries and commercial stores.
While delivering a speech during the ceremony, al-Yafei said: “Qatar Charity works tirelessly to improve the lives of those in need through increasing their income, creating more jobs opportunities and financing their small yet impactful projects.”
Behitri expressed appreciation and gratitude for the support provided by people in Qatar. He also thanked QC for its “dedication and hard work for the betterment of the society in Kosovo and the great impact on the lives of thousands of orphans and families”.
On his part, Kosumi expressed happiness at attending the ceremony and made a plea to all charitable organisations around the globe to stand for the people of Kosovo and consider QC as a model of dedication, hard work and quality of projects.
The beneficiaries of the projects appreciated QC’s efforts and hoped that more people in the region would gain support and fund to help their poor families.
In appreciation of Qatar Charity’s humanitarian work in Kosovo, Behitri presented al-Yafei with the ‘district shield’ as well as a gratitude certificate for all of QC’s contributions.
As continuation of its development strategy in the region of Kosovo, al-Yafei, on behalf of QC, has signed an agreement to execute 60 new projects to endorse sustainable development in Mitrovica.

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