With the opening of many vital roads in the southern parts of Doha in recent months, especially in and around Wakra, Wukair and Mesaieed, there has been a remarkable improvement in the road connectivity in the respective areas since the second half of 2017.

Inquiries made with the operators of trailer trucks and among the residents of some of the southern areas found they are extremely pleased with the latest road infrastructure in place.
"We have enough reasons to be happy with the road developments in the area as considerable savings are made on the fuel costs of our vehicles in recent months with the completion and opening of many roads, including vital stretches of the Orbital Highway and also the new roads across Mathaf, Wukair and Wakra areas," said Mohamed Sadiq, a truck operator, having his main base in the southern area.
The enterpreneur also feels the ongoing construction of new roads to connect the new Economic Zones coming up in the southern area would help the operators of trucks and trailers further in coming years.

A view of the newly opened G-Ring Road in Mesaimeer area

The vastly improved road connectivity from the Hamad Port to several areas on the southern and western areas of Doha has eased traffic congestion previously experienced in the city roads. Now, only those trucks that have their activities in city locations alone need to enter the heavy traffic city areas within the city. It is understood that the shifting of all goods operations from Doha Port to Hamad Port too has helped easing traffic congestion in a big way.
"The new roads constructed in the southern areas other than G-Ring, F Ring and Orbital Highway stretch between Mesaieed and Salwa road and Wakra bypass have apparently brought about sweeping changes in the road traffic on the southern side," said a Wukair resident, who commutes daily to Corniche and back.
The completion of the Airport road stretch between the Air force signal and Wakra town too has been a blessing for daily commuters. Almost the entire road works in the area were completed in recent months.
Similarly, the F-Ring bridge across Doha-Abu Hamour road too has been of great relief to the daily travellers to the city from the western areas.
Besides road and similar developments, large scale infrastructural development works have also taken place in Mathaf ares on the northern side of Wakra. The utilities work to more than 1,800 residential plots were completed and good roads laid to help the construction of the owners of the residences. This works are held as part of the Citizens Residence scheme.
The timely completion of the infrastructural development works in the area have also seen the arrival of many retail business ventures there.

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