The performance of the musical Al Ghaos 'Diving’, staged at the Drama Theatre of Katara – the Cultural Village on Friday and was attended by a wide spectrum of people from all walks of life.

It was the first of three musicals, being presented in co-operation with the Memory and Heritage Foundation, that trace Qatar’s rich heritage and history and discuss the Qatari people’s culture, victories and authentic values.

Al Ghaos brought to light the Qatari life of the past and how they took to diving for pearl and its values. Though the play was in Arabic, it was appreciated and applauded by various communities and expats besides a large number of Qatari families and children.

Among the audience was a family of Europeans from Bulgaria, who said the play was of immense value and excellently staged.

Anna Malamova, a teacher by profession, who watched the play with her husband Borislav and 10-year-old son Nivola, a student of International School of London – Qatar, said it was delightful to see history being recalled in such a beautiful manner.

“It was very nicely portrayed. They should, however, have some translation of the language by way of sub-titles on a screen or above the stage so that we all understand the nuances of the dialogues,” she said.

“With such technical excellence which is already there, it can be done easily,” she felt, adding, “But all in all it was absorbing.”

The musical sheds light on the society of Qatar and major events that have shaped the glorious and majestic history of the Qatari people, recording their wars, triumphs and deep-rooted tradition and culture.

The second musical Hazayet Qatar “The Story of Qatar” (stressing on the importance of social cohesion and solidarity between the Qataris since ancient times, whether through the family or Farij, or when travelling to dive) will be staged on January 12 and 13, and the third, The Story of a Homeland (about the historical narratives portraying the evolution of life in Qatar) will take place on February 2 and 3 from 7pm to 9pm.

Through the staging of the musicals, Katara aims to revive the Qatari heritage with all its features and details to showcase its national identity to the young generations and visitors from other cultures.

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