A series of foggy days is expected in the country from Friday until Tuesday, January 2, 2018, the Qatar Met department has said.

Relative humidity will increase at night and there is a chance of mist/fog in some areas early Friday, according to the weather office.

The foggy conditions are likely to extend over most areas on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, starting from around midnight and lasting until early in the morning. This, in turn, will result in a drop in visibility to below 1km and even zero visibility at times, the Met report states.

The chances of fog are expected to continue on Tuesday in some areas.

“Fog is associated mostly with settled weather conditions as a result of a high-pressure system, wherein conditions become favourable for fog during clear nights with light winds,” the report explains.

The Met department has urged people to be cautious and follow safe-driving instructions in view of the expected conditions. People have also been advised to follow latest updates through the department’s official social media accounts.

Meanwhile, a minimum temperature of 13C was recorded in Turayna and 18C in Doha on Wednesday.

Thursday, the minimum is expected to be 11C in Abu Samra and 16C in Doha.

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