Some five months after rioters went on the rampage at the G20 summit in the northern German port city of Hamburg, police plan to release photos and video of suspects and ask the public for their help in identifying them.

The Hamburg public prosecutor is scheduled to launch the public appeal at 1000 GMT on Monday at police headquarters in the city.

Police estimate that between 5,000 and 6,000 rioters took part in the violence that marred the July 6-8 G20 summit.

 The special task force set up to deal with the crime is working on 3,000 cases, police chief Ralf Martin Meyer said at the start of December.

The amount of data investigators are scrutinizing is more than 10 terabytes. In addition to their own recordings, police are looking at CCTV footage from buses, trains and train stations.

 Members of the public have also uploaded thousands of pieces of potential evidence to a dedicated website.

Geolocation data and face recognition software are being used in the investigations.

The images that are expected to be made available to the public on Monday are arranged by crime or location, police spokesman Timo Zill said.


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