Qatar Post continues to offer new services in challenge to siege impacts
December 14 2017 07:50 PM
General Post Office
General Post Office


Chairman and Managing Director of Qatar Post Faleh Mohammed Al Nuaimi said that the State of Qatar's National Day signifies the country's unity and independence. It is also a reminder of the challenges and suffering that the earlier generations.

Speaking exclusively to Qatar News Agency (QNA), Al Nuaimi said that choosing the quote of HH the Emir 'Promise of Prosperity and Glory' as this year's motto was a strong response on the attempts to break the will of the Qatari people. He stressed that the country will emerge stronger out of the GCC crisis, as it clearly showed the sense of solidarity between the people and the ruler.

He added that Qataris and residents managed to overcome the shock of the siege, and began to focus on avoiding being embroiled in hate speech. He added that the country continues to deal with the crisis with a great deal of patience, given the close ties between the people of the Gulf.

He also added that the crisis showed the strength of Qatar's diplomacy and soft power, which managed to express to the world it's just cause and the great injustice the State of Qatar suffered due to its independent policies.

Al Nuaimi said that the transparency the Qatari people and institutions dealt with during the crisis helped all sectors overcome the challenges they face.

Managing Director of Qatar Post stressed that his institutions worked relentlessly to avoid any impact on its customers inside and outside of Qatar as a result of the crisis. The company also discussed the Qatar siege in the latest meeting of the Universal Postal Union. He said that they received the backing of all the different member countries except those involved in the siege. The company also worked very hard over the past months to enter new markets and was backed by the wise government, who directed all Qatari institutions to use Qatar Post as its service provider.

The year 2017 saw the company launch a new brand identity that identifies better with all the needs of individuals, companies, and institutions. The company also established many logistical centers and offered new electronic channels, which boosted the company's revenues by 60 percent and lowered operating profits by 50 percent.

The company also offered the RFID application in cooperation with UPS to offer the Global Priority service. It also enhanced its home delivery service to cover all of the State of Qatar, and provided smart lockers across the country as well. The company's EMS serviced also recorded improvements of 96 percent and its customer service at 100 percent. There was also an increasing demand for its connected service. 

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