Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) has officially launched the ‘Freestyle Aquatics at Aspire’, a pioneering Corporate Social Responsibility programme that benefits people with disabilities (PWDs).
The venue is the indoor swimming pool in Aspire Dome, the largest multipurpose dome of its kind in the world.  
The ‘Freestyle Aquatics at Aspire’ programme offers aquatics training for PWDs of all ages comprising swimming, scuba diving and snorkelling lessons. The programme was founded by two volunteer coaches, Kathleen Bates and Jojo Musa, from non-profit organisation, Freestyle Aquatics, and is sponsored by Sasol’s Accessible Qatar – an award-winning initiative focused on raising awareness and improving the accessibility of venues across Qatar and D-Adapt. 
D-Adapt, a participating partner in this programme, is a trademark of Al Diyar Agency that understands the needs of people with limited mobility and adapt solutions to improve their lives in terms of accessibility. 
Together with AZF, these organisations hope to help PWDs lead healthier lifestyles, overcome stereotypes, have active roles in their communities, and be respected as equal members of the society. “Sports has the ability to unite us all, regardless of age or physical ability. At Aspire Zone, we believe that everyone should have access to the power of sports, and to our world-class facilities,” AZF’s chief marketing officer Mohammed Mubarak al-Kuwari said. 
“We launched the Disability Challengers programme to ensure that PWDs are able to reach their highest sporting potential.”
“We want Disability Challengers to get involved in AZF sporting activities throughout the year, and we are collaborating with organisations such as the Qatar Paralympic Committee and Freestyle Aquatics to make that happen,” he added. 
Freestyle Aquatics co-founder coach Jojo Musa said they wanted to provide aquatics lessons to PWDs to help them challenge themselves and achieve great results.  “Swimming can help develop and improve their self-esteem and confidence, helps them overcome their physical disabilities, and shows them and others that anyone can accomplish anything once they set their mind to it,” he noted.
During the opening ceremony, AZF and its partners Sasol and D-Adapt uncovered a wheelchair lift that will help PWDs access the pool areas in an easy and safe say.  Abdulrahman al-Yafi, a participant at Freestyle Aquatics at Aspire for more than two months, said: “I’m glad to be part of the official launch of the programme, which has benefited me a lot.” 
“The personal trainers tend to the participants throughout the training session, and I believe that people with disabilities would benefit greatly from the programme,” he added.

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