The Ministry of Education and Higher Education will launch National Day celebrations with the participation of schools in Darb Al Saai. The festivities will take place from tomorrow to December 20 in conjunction with the state institutions. The activities will take place at Pavilion 5 at Doha Tent, in which the ministry’s department of arts and theatre participates with daily workshops presented by schools.
Artworks by school students will be put on display along with the founder’s slogan and ‘Tamim Al Majd’ logo, while the early learning department will distribute printed leaflets to students and parents. Schools are preparing to present their educational activities by introducing intelligent games and mental puzzles, besides a map puzzle of Qatar as a game that aims at introducing visitors to some of its cities and life aspects. The events also include educational activities such as storytelling through a digital touch screen, the tree of allegiance on which statements about Qatar National Vision 2030 are written, statements of patriotism, theatre activities that include national operetta, popular dance performances, and national chants and poems in love of Qatar. The documentation department is set to show on display screens some pictures of education in the past and the stages of its development in Qatar.
The activities of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education will be held from Saturday to Thursday over two periods; in the morning from 8am to noon and in the evening from 4pm to 10pm, except Friday when they start at 3pm until 11pm.
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