Innovative, dynamic and inventive. These are words that spring to mind when describing Qatar – an ambitious country with a bold and inspiring vision.

 The Qatar National Vision 2030 provides the roadmap for building a better, brighter future by balancing economic growth, human development and careful stewardship of natural resources. It sets a clear path designed to ensure the health, prosperity and welfare of the country’s citizens.

 This vision encompasses economic, social, human and environmental pillars designed to shape the country’s progress in the coming decades, so that it is inclusive and beneficial to its entire population. ?

It requires big, bold decisions. It depends on major milestones and landmark projects that move the country forward and create the conditions for success.

 We’re proud to say that Vodafone stands ready to play a part as a catalyst to these developments as a long-term partner in the country. We believe there are very good reasons to be optimistic about the future as emerging innovations in science and technology begin to have a profoundly positive impact on society.

 Vodafone has a long and proud history of bringing new technologies to hundreds of millions of people worldwide, enhancing quality of life and transforming the workplace. We are dedicated to helping Qatar achieve its economic, environmental and social goals across all our operations and teams.

 Both here and around the world, we’re harnessing the power of technology to enable governments, businesses and individuals realise an exciting future. Below we celebrate some of the most significant and pioneering programmes, initiatives and projects that will shape the country’s future success, several of which we are proud to be directly involved in.

 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar™ the Middle East’s first world cup

Qatar is the first Middle Eastern country to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup and it promises to be a world cup like no other.

Al Bayt Stadium

Vodafone Qatar is ideally placed to develop smart stadium technologies for the 2022 World Cup Stadiums, as we have over 20 years’ of Internet of Things (IoT) experience – the technology and expertise driving smart stadiums – and we’ve previously deployed such solutions for a range of sporting events, whether in London during the Olympics or Spain during La Liga football. And in the Besiktas’s Vodafone Arena in Istanbul, we have the most advanced smart stadium solution of anywhere in the world. These strengths underpin our ability to support Qatar’s efforts in delivering an amazing 2022 FIFA World Cup QatarTM.

 Smart City Intelligence – Msheireb Downtown Doha

Msheireb Downtown Doha is a leading force in smart city intelligence and one of the world’s first smart and sustainable downtown regeneration projects. It will revive the soul of the old commercial district and redevelop it into a destination that promises to enhance resident and visitors’ lifestyles through an attractive mix of retail, arts and culture, entertainment, and new dining options to become Qatar’s ultimate must-visit destination. It will also empower businesses as Doha’s new Financial City. This will be done through efficient and sustainable services, delivered by an integrated ICT infrastructure. Forming a consortium and creating an ecosystem through partnerships is an essential part of our approach at Vodafone to delivering smart cities. This underpins our success in delivering IoT solutions in countries around the world including Spain, Turkey and Portugal. We have the knowledge, expertise, experience and capabilities as a world-class telecommunications partner to deliver the required technologies and digital transformation for Msheireb Downtown Doha, as well as other large national projects.

Solar technology putting the country on a path to sustainability 

Qatar recently achieved a major milestone for the region’s solar industry when Qatar Solar Technologies (QSTec) produced its first polysilicon, the key raw material used in 90% of the world’s solar modules. QSTec, the largest polysilicon producer in the MENA region also has extensive investments across the solar value chain from polysilicon through to high efficiency solar modules, right through to supplying advanced manufacturing technologies for the solar and semi-conductor industries. QSTec is making a significant contribution to the environmental goals of the Qatar National Vision 2030. As a business, Vodafone Qatar is committed to measuring and controlling our emissions by investing in hybrid power systems at sites that depend on diesel generators to achieve greater fuel efficiency and cut diesel usage by more than two-thirds.”

 Providing world-class healthcare and educational opportunities

Preparations are well underway to open Sidra Medicine’s main hospital in mid-January 2018. Sidra Medicine, a member of Qatar Foundation, is an ultramodern, all-digital academic medical center which will set new standards in patient care for children, young people and women in Qatar and beyond.

Sidra Medicine, main hospital

The state-of-the-art high-tech facility will not only provide world-class patient care, but will also help build Qatar’s scientific expertise and resources. Sidra Medicine is creating an intellectual ecosystem to help advance scientific discovery through investment in medical research, and will provide quality education and training to affiliated medical students, staff as well as relevant stakeholders. Leading technology is a prominent part of Sidra Medicine’s mission to deliver excellent patient care, research and education, and we are proud to be supporting Sidra Medicine with state-of-the-art technology that will help realise its vision.

 The future is exciting. Qatar is ready to embrace it. And so are we.