Cloudy skies with chances of thundershowers on Friday
November 23 2017 11:22 PM
Light rain was reported from a number of places.
Light rain was reported from a number of places.


Doha and other places in the country received scattered rain on Thursday and there is a chance that similar conditions will prevail in the early hours of Friday as well, the Qatar Met department has said.

For offshore areas, the weather office has issued a warning that says thundershowers are expected in some places at first in addition to strong winds and high seas.

Cloudy skies were seen around the country on Thursday and scattered, light rain was reported from a number of places, including Doha. The rain turned thundery in some places at times, according to information available on the Met department’s social media accounts.

Thunder cells were also detected offshore and strong winds affected most parts of the country, the department said in a tweet, adding that the chances of rain were to continue until this morning.

Friday’s detailed forecast says the wind speed (northwesterly) will range from 18-25 knots offshore, going up to 30 knots in some places at times, and the sea level may rise to 10ft. Cloudy conditions will prevail in these areas at times, and there could be scattered rain in the early hours that may turn thundery in some places.

Inshore, partly cloudy to cloudy conditions have been forecast along with a chance of scattered rain at first.

Friday’s minimum temperature is likely to be 19C in Abu Samra and 22C in Doha. The maximum, on the other hand, will be 28C in Al Khor and 27C in Doha.

Thursday, a minimum temperature of 17C was recorded in Abu Samra, while in Doha it was 25C.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Municipality and Environment has issued – on its Arabic Twitter page – a list of ‘rainwater emergency’ phone numbers in different municipalities across the country. People can dial these if they require any assistance related to issues such as rainwater accumulation and others (

On Wednesday, HE the Minister of Municipality and Environment Mohamed bin Abdullah al-Rumaihi visited the control room of the Public Works Authority (Ashghal) to review preparations for the rainy season.

Also, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) listed the dos and don’ts for motorists to ensure theirs and other road users’ safety during rain.

“As rain falls, it creates slick conditions perfect for skids. The best way to avoid skidding is to slow down. Driving at a slower pace allows more of the tyre’s tread to make contact with the road, which leads to better traction,” the MoI explained.

It takes about three times longer to brake on wet roads than on dry ones, the ministry pointed out, reminding motorists it is important not to tailgate as more distance is required to brake. “Keep a little more than two car lengths between you and the vehicle in front of you,” the advisory noted.

In case the car’s windscreen becomes misty, one should run the air-conditioner to clear it for better visibility, the MoI further said. “Avoid using hazard lights while driving in the rain.”

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