Nepali women speak out against the blockade
November 23 2017 10:32 PM
From left: Sanju KC, Rekha Rai, Amina Khan and Rama Tamang.

By Usha Wagle Gautam

It has been nearly six months since the siege against Qatar began. The Nepali community in Qatar continues to stand by the country and show solidarity with their host nation. 
Community caught up with some of the working Nepali women in Qatar to hear their thoughts on the situation. Many of them said that they are here to work, to live better lives and to support their families back home. They said they feel independent and empowered after coming to Qatar, as they have gotten a chance to earn better salaries while gaining good experience. Their attachment with Qatar, therefore, is very strong and they are vehemently in opposition of the illegal blockade imposed on Qatar by some of its neighbouring countries. 
Following are excerpts from the interviews: 

Amina Khan
I have been in Qatar for seven years. I come from a Muslim family, a minority group in Nepal, and ran a tailoring shop in my country for more than a decade. But after the political situation got worse, my business started to suffer. I am a mother of two daughters. My husband was working here; so, I came here with a work visa that he sent for me. I am happy here now. Living here with my husband, I don’t miss Nepal much. With our income in Qatar, we married off our elder daughter, and we saw our younger daughter graduate. I support Qatar during this ongoing blockade. In fact, I chose not to go for my annual vacation. Instead, we asked our daughters to come here. I don’t think this blockade will harm Qatar. The government here is strong and will supply necessary items to its people. We are happy in Qatar and will remain so in the future.

Sanju KC
I landed in Doha on the very first day of the blockade. During that time, Muslims across the globe were observing Ramadan. First, I was quite worried about the situation and my friends and relatives were concerned about me. Anyway, I started working at a local company. Over time, I have seen that the bond between the Qatari people and its leader is remarkably strong. The solidarity that the people of the country have expressed with their leadership is impressive. Nothing is scarce in Qatar. I feel like one of the luckiest people to be here. If not, I would have missed the opportunity to see such a strong leadership and citizens working together to solve the crisis. During these six months, I have found my job satisfying. My assessment is that Qatar is the best destination for Nepali women from the perspectives of security and remuneration.

Rama Tamang

I have been in Qatar for 14 years, working for a well-reputed company. I have many male co-workers but I have never been bothered by them. They have only given me lot of respect. One thing that I love about Qatar is the security – we don’t have to face gender-based discrimination in our offices and on the streets. I am staying with my husband who works elsewhere. I have a son in Nepal who is an engineering graduate. I funded his education with my earnings in Qatar. We are happy to be working and earning money over here. The blockade is unjustified. The way Qatar has responded toward the blockade is admirable. I support Qatar in its stand for its sovereignty, dignity and self-respect. I am ready to support Qatar with everything I have. I simply love Qatar.
Sarita Gurung
I came to Qatar in 2005 on my husband’s sponsorship. I am a nurse by training and started working at a reputable clinic. In 2009, we started our own contracting, cleaning and hospitality business, which has grown with the passing years.

Sarita Gurung

Qatar has become our second home. I felt so bad when Qatar’s brotherly nations have decided to impose a blockade on it. During this time, it is our responsibility to get united and express our solidarity with Qatar. This blockade can help promote local products. The Qatari government is very strong and I like the way it has dealt with the situation. 

Rekha Rai
Qatar is so strong that it can endure the ongoing blockade for another six decades. When the news of the blockade came through, people were anxious. But it has failed to disrupt life in Qatar. The government has been able to supply all the necessary items to its people. I have been here since 2008 and have only seen the country go from strength to strength. This blockade won’t harm it.

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