A draft law on the Permanent Residency Law, which would allow beneficiaries to undertake commercial activities and own residential and investment properties, will be presented to the Advisory Council (Shura) next month in preparation for its issuance, HE the Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa al-Thani said yesterday. 
“His Highness the Emir also gave directions to prepare a draft law for the ownership of real estate for non-Qataris. The project will be completed within one month of its date and will be implemented during the coming year,” he said in an interview to Qatar TV.
Answering a question on the future of Qatar’s economy, the prime minister said the government was working to create a more competitive economic environment that can better attract investment. “Many strategic projects for the state will be announced, including new free zones to attract domestic and foreign investments, the localisation of some industries in Qatar, the protection of local products, and the provision of low-cost storage areas, which will bring great benefits to the State, the private sector, citizens and residents.” 
He said Qatar was seeking to open doors to new industries and build new partnerships with countries that are not strictly commercial, but rather real partnerships where “we work and invest together so that we reap the benefit of our investments”.
An agency to encourage investment in the country will be created soon, he said.
Highlighting the role of the Hamad Port in beating the siege, he said it is a strategic project not only for Qatar, but for the region. “Thankfully, we now have 10 routes, and have reached almost 70 destinations around the world. Through the port, we attracted international shipping companies, and have acquired about 27% of cargo in the Middle East.”
To a query on providing a full life for citizens as well as residents, he said: “The vision and directives of His Highness the Emir is that Qatar be a country capable of continuing to achieve progress in all areas, raising the standards of living for citizens, empowering our youth and giving them an opportunity to achieve what they aspire to. We in the government believe that our role towards the citizen requires us to provide five main pillars: 1. Appropriate health services, 2. High quality education, 3. Provide job opportunities, 4. Appropriate housing, 5. And, finally, an appropriate life after retirement suitable for those who served this country.”
On Advisory Council elections, the premier said the Emir has already given directions to finalise the process. “The government is about to finalise amendments to some laws and prepare a law on electing the Shura Council, which, God willing, will be presented to the Shura Council next year, as was stated in the speech of His Highness the Emir. The date of the elections will be announced after the issuance of the election law and amending the necessary legislation.”

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