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November 22 2017 09:19 PM
MASTER BARBER: Kiavash Kavoshi in action. Photos by Jayan Orma

By Mudassir Raja

The Art of Shaving spa at Marsa Malaz Kempinski promises to provide luxurious and special experiences of shaving and haircut. The brand comes directly from New York and this is their second salon in the Middle East. 
The spa provides a range of bespoke services, including their own brand of products with pure essential oils. Founded over 20 years ago by Myriam Zaoui and Eric Malka, The Art of Shaving was created with luxury grooming at its heart. It is considered one of the world’s leading premium shaving brands with its aromatherapy-based products, high-end shaving accessories and a retail line dedicated to men’s shaving. 
The barber spa is unique in its offerings and does not limit itself to only haircuts and shaves but also face, hands and feet grooming. The highly skilled barbers are also glad to give advice on perfect aftercare solutions and daily skincare regimes.
On the occasion of its opening recently, the attendees had a chance to experience the many offerings at The Art of Shaving, ranging from testing an assortment of fragrances, to shaving products and tools, as well as the high precision razors and handcrafted shaving brushes. This also includes The Art of Shaving’s trademark wet shaving system. 
The Art of Shaving has grown from its first store on Lexington Avenue in New York City to over 150 stores in 67 locations across the US and now its first international locations are in Moscow and Doha.
Kiavash Kavoshi is the master barber at the salon. Community caught up with him at the opening event.

Can you share your experiences and how you started your career?
I am an Iranian. I got a degree in electrical engineering but had an inclination towards haircuts and shaves even when I was studying in the city of Shiraz in 1997. I formally joined a salon and started learning the art. It is really an art that you cannot learn in one or two months. In pursuit of my passion for the art, I moved to Tehran where I worked till I left for Dubai in 2006. In Dubai, I worked at a VIP salon and improved my expertise in shaving and haircut.

How and when did you join The Art of Shaving?
My passion to learn more and more about the art did not allow me to stay at one place. From Dubai, I went to Cape Town in South Africa. In Cape Town, I worked as a barber and learnt many new things for about four years. Later, I strived for something even better. I learnt about The Art of Shaving on the Internet. All reviews about them were very positive. I got interested and I applied to work with them. About three months ago, I was selected by The Art of Shaving as master barber for their salon in Doha.

What would you say about The Art of Shaving products?
I think the brand is the best in the world for men. All of its products used in Middle East contain oils and no alcohol. The products are good for men’s skin. The products are very relaxing, and give a very nice and smooth shave. All products for the salon in Doha come from the US. The salon gives a classic and luxurious experience.

How is The Art of Shaving different from other brands?
The brand prepares its own products. The products are different and better from other products of similar kind. We give a new experience of shaving – for instance, techniques with hot towel and cold towel. We have shaving creams of different scents. We use different lotions containing oils. We use pre-shave creams and after shave moistures. All our products are non-alcoholic. We have some special products for use in the Middle East. The products of the Art of Shaving brand contain oud (Agarwood) scent also.

What has your experience been like in Qatar so far? 
I have been having a new and different kind of experience in Qatar. I am learning more and more new things here. Here I come across different people as customers and they have different skins. Use of pre-shave oils is new for many customers here. They have started loving the new experiences that we offer. We are still very new here, and more and more people will visit us when their hear about the unique experience we offer. 

How do you find living and working here?
It has been a wonderful experience to be in Qatar. I have lived in the Middle East earlier but it is my first time in Qatar. People here are very nice. I am looking forward to staying here for a long time and making new friends. 
Furthermore, working with The Art of Shaving and Marsa Malaz Kempinski is also a very nice experience. I enjoy my work and it gives me further pleasure when my customers enjoy being at my salon. 

What are your future plans?
Right now I am doing my best in Qatar. Working with The Art of Shaving is a nice experience and I want to enjoy my new job and get experience at one of the world’s best shaving brands. In future, I may want to open my own salon. But right now, it is time for me to learn new things.

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