Seven days of events highlighting Romanian arts and culture kick started on Tuesday evening in building No 19 at Katara with an exhibition of collection of some outstanding paintings and rare books.
The paintings on display provide a good peep into the history and rural culture of the eastern European country. The paintings include works that show rural life, how children played in old times, how women spent their time, and how men took care of their cattle.
The exhibition that will continue for one week also contains some rare books giving details about the history, culture, and art of Romania.
A message from Romanian embassy on the occasion noted, “In an effort to open up to the culture of the world and extend bridges of communications among peoples, Cultural Village Foundation – Katara in collaboration with the embassy [is organising] the Romanian Cultural Days from November 14 to 20.”
The second event on Tuesday evening was a jazz and pan flute concert by Pan Terra Band. The concert was held at Katara Drama Theatre. 
Pan Terra Band is composed of some of the most appreciated exponents of the young generation of artistes in Romania. The members are: Radu Nechifor on pan flute, Alexandru Petre on Guitar, Mihai Pitan on piano, Florian Nicolau on bass guitar, and Iulian Nicolau on drums. 
Talking to Community, Dana Gabriela, an embassy official, said, “Radu Nechifor is a pan flute player, teacher and manufacturer. He began studying music at the age of 12, at Sibiu Music High School, and in 2003 he was the first to enter the department of pan flute study, that was co-ordinated by Gheorghe Zamfir, at the Music National University-Bucharest.”
“He is the winner of many competitions, and in the last years he organised ‘Simply the Best – The Panflute Story’ (2013, 2014, 2015), one of the most complex concerts ever organised in Sibiu. In 2003, 5,000 people enjoyed the show, and in the years to come, the number raised to 12,000. Since 2016, Radu is the head organiser of ‘International Panflute Masterclasses’ that are taking place in Sibiu,” she said.
 Dana added, “Alex Petre, the youngest member in the band, is 17 years old. He studied guitar with Alex Man and Mircea Tiberian from an early age. His intense study helped him win the Student Jazz Fest in Targu Mures in 2016. Alex played alongside many famous musicians, as Marius Preda, Marius Vernescu, Alex Man and Catalin Milea. He attended all editions of ‘Simply the Best – The Panflute Story’ as member of the main band, thus becoming one of the most important musicians that were on stage.”
 About the third member, she shared, “Mihai Pitan was born in Sibiu, playing piano from a very young age. She is an accomplished musician, with a master degree in jazz music under the great Mircea Tiberian guidance. He is defined by a neo-pop style of improvisation in jazz music. He has played with a plethora of famous musicians and has also recorded several albums with jazz and pop artistes. Winner at many jazz competitions and festivals, he brings his unique style to this project to offer you an extraordinary performance and a delightful time at Katara jazz festival.”
Dana added, “Florian Nicolau is 20 years old. He graduated from the National College of Music, George Enescu and is now a student at the National University of Music – Bucharest. He won multiple national and international contests playing classic guitar. The most important contest he has won was at Sinaia International Festival. He has been a part of many jam sessions, playing alongside jazzmen like Catalin Mirea, Sorin Zlat and Alex Man.” 
The embassy official added, “Iulian Nicolau also graduated the National College of Music, George Enescu and now he is studying percussion at the National University of Music–Bucharest. He has played with important personalities of Romanian jazz, such as Mircea Tiberian, Marius Vernescu, Catalin Milea, Alex Man, Emil Bizga, Humberto Amnesquita, Candice Hoys and Cedric Hanriot. Playing with Viorica Pintilie Quartet, he won the Special Jury Prize at Sibiu Jazz Festival. Alongside Constantin Mirea Quartet, he won the prize for the best band at Johnny Raducanu contest.”

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