Emir’s speech reflects people’s aspirations
November 15 2017 01:59 AM
His Highness the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani addressing the opening of the 46th ordinary session of the Advisory Council yesterday at the Council’s premises.


HE the Minister of Justice and Acting Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs, Dr Hassan Lahdan Saqr al-Mohannadi, praised the contents of the speech delivered by His Highness the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani yesterday at the opening of the 46th ordinary session of the Advisory Council.
In a press statement, he stressed that the historic speech of the Emir set a comprehensive programme for the work of the government in the coming period and expressed the aspirations of the Qatari people and the ambitions of every patriotic citizen whether in the field of politics and confronting the unjust siege, the economy and keenness on the development and prosperity of the country, or in other areas that integrate to lead Qatar to safety.
He pointed out that Qatar is on the way to an integrated legislative renaissance that embodies the directives of the Emir in his speech that the state shall guarantee in its legal and legislative branches the independence of the judiciary and justice through the modernisation and continuous development of legislation in various fields that meet the interests of Qatar’s citizens and residents directly.
He noted that the list of future legislation will interpret the Emir’s directives by preparing and discussing the legislative tools to ensure the continued progress and prosperity of Qatar, its economic progress, the development of the judicial system, speeding up litigation procedures to consolidate the concept of accelerated justice, and completing the relevant draft laws so as to achieve this end.
The minister said that legislation on economic openness and investment facilitation will be drafted so as to complete the reform of the legal and legislative system of Qatar. He added that, thanks to the wise leadership, the country has finished the stage of building the state of law and institutions and has always aimed for the best in a way that consolidates the principles of justice, legislative experiment and the basics of good governance that the Emir stressed.
Dr al-Mohannadi explained that some of these laws that aim at realising the vision of the Emir are the expertise law that will enrich the judiciary as well as the arbitration law so as to help in forming a national list of competent people that play a role in reaching speedy justice. He also said that one of the laws is the national address law, which is in the process of being issued and will play a major role in reducing and speeding up litigation in accordance with the directives of the Emir as it will have a significant role in the issue of electronic notification of litigation and will be legally binding.
The minister noted that Qatar offers today the best model in all legislation and respect for international treaties and conventions, especially with regard to fighting terrorism as it is considered a leader in fighting terrorism in the region and makes tangible contribution to the global efforts to defeat it, noting that the latest efforts of the state in this area was the memorandum of understanding signed with the United States in July to combat terrorism, and the United Nations International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism in 1999 and the full implementation of the listed requirements.
The minister told journalists that he would like to commend Emiri Decision No 22 of 2017 regarding the renewal of the membership of some members of the Advisory Council and the appointment of new members as a milestone in the history of the council since its establishment, especially as the decision guarantees the appointment of four Qatari women in recognition of the pioneering role of Qatari women and the status accorded by the Emir to Qatari women in the national development march and the achievement of the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030.

Emir’s speech transparent, balanced
HE the Minister of Development Planning and Statistics Dr Saleh Mohamed Salem al-Nabit said that His Highness the Emir’s speech yesterday at the opening of the 46th ordinary session of the Advisory Council was comprehensive, transparent and balanced in terms of touching on several national issues and interests, including the process of expanding public participation in the Advisory Council elections.
Speaking to QNA, HE al-Nabit said that the speech touched on all aspects of development in the country.
He also pointed to the procedures that Qatar took to break the siege, stressing that the measures of the siege countries failed to achieve their goals and didn’t break the will of Qatar and its people.

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