Qatar University (QU) has launched a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal, titled Emergent Materials, in collaboration with Qatar Petrochemical Company (Qapco) and Springer Publishing Company.
The biannual journal will be published every Fall and Spring. It aims to publish “high-quality and high-impact research articles that reflect the best research in the Middle East”, according to a statement.
The journal covers reviews, mini-reviews, research news, reports and articles in the field of physics, chemistry, biology and engineering of advanced materials.
Topics include synthesis and characterisation of advanced materials, hierarchical materials, self-assembly of materials, polymers and composites, coatings and membranes, green and sustainable materials, mesoporous and nanoporous materials, nanostructures, nanocomposites and thin film, carbon-based materials and applications, renewable energy/environment materials, novel optical materials, biomaterials, catalysis, surface science and engineering, functional materials, alloys design, synthesis and applications, nano-devices, and more.
Papers and articles should be submitted online through [email protected] They are subject to a preliminary review process before the full review to evaluate their compliance with the journal’s policy.
Prof Mariam al-Maadeed, vice-president for research and graduate studies at QU, said, “Emergent Materials as a facilitator of knowledge management would engender timely harvest and propagation of intellectual and academic ideas that would advance the development of the society.”
Qapco chief human capital officer Abdulla Naji said, “Qapco is pleased to support this initiative as research is of utmost importance to Qapco and the future of Qatar. Emerging Materials magazine will reflect and bring the best research in the Middle East and the rest of the world to the international research community. It is a way to build knowledge and enable
effective learning.”
Emergent Materials editor-in-chief Prof Alamgir Karim noted, “Emergent Materials will capture the excitement in the fast-paced world of new and advanced materials and their applications- from the bio to nano, from soft to hard, and from sustainable to green materials towards the benefits of science, society and humanity.”
Springer Publishing Company senior editor Dr Nabil Khelifi added, “Emergent Materials is being launched in collaboration with Qatar University. As for the volume of quality research, Qatar University has grown rapidly over the past decades. We believe that the time is right to launch the journal, Emergent Materials, from a rising university in the Middle East.”