Qatar Airways has vowed to continue expanding its global route network and help further boost tourism in Sarajevo, Qatar Airways Group chief executive Akbar al-Baker has said.
Qatar’s national carrier launched direct flights from Doha to the Bosnian and Herzegovinian capital on October 31, its fourth gateway to Eastern Europe.
“As our award-winning airline continues to expand its global network, we were determined to include this European hidden gem on our route map,” al-Baker said at a press conference at the Hotel Bristol in Sarajevo. He was joined by Sarajevo International Airport director Armin Kajmakovi?.
He stressed that Qatar Airways is committed to supporting tourism in the capital and neighbouring cities by bringing global travellers from more than 150 destinations. 
“We are also proud to serve local travellers from Sarajevo by offering them endless possibilities of connecting to their favourite business and leisure destinations around the world on the Qatar Airways network,” al-Baker added.
Bosnia and Herzegovina ambassador Tarik Sadovi? said the arrival of Qatar Airways to Bosnia and Herzegovina “is great news for the citizens of both countries.” 
“Good transport is the basis for the development of modern tourism and business. We are happy that Qatar Airways is committed to strengthening tourism in our country,” he said.
“Therefore, we must build a credible partnership in mutual interest and seize the development opportunity that will be provided to us,” the envoy noted.
The Sarajevo to Doha direct flight will make the co-operation between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Qatar easier in the fields of science, education, culture and sports, according to Sadovi?.
More than 100 nationals of Bosnia and Herzegovina who work at Qatar Airways have contributed to its huge success, he said.
“We emphasise that the launch of the Doha-Sarajevo direct flight is the culmination of diplomatic activities undertaken by the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Doha for the past three years,” the envoy added.
Kajmakovi? echoed Sadovi?’s statement saying the establishment of a Sarajevo-Doha route is a milestone “not only for this airport, but for Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina as a whole.”
“Travellers from around the world will be able to add Sarajevo to their tourist and business itinerary with much greater ease,” he noted.
“Moreover, all this will be possible with one of the best rated airlines in the world due to its modern fleet and extensive global route network. For all these reasons, it is indeed a pleasure to have Qatar Airways at the Sarajevo International Airport,” the senior airport official added.
Sarajevo, a modern hub for international trade, is a city rich in history and culture, with much to offer both business and leisure travellers alike. 
Qatar Airways, one of the fastest growing airlines in the history of aviation, will continue to expand its global network in 2017 and 2018 by adding flights to Canberra, Australia; Chiang Mai, Thailand, and Cardiff, UK, among others.
Now in its 20th year of operations, Qatar Airways has a modern fleet of more than 200 aircraft flying to business and leisure destinations across six continents.
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