The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) has advised the public to be wary of certain wireless or cordless devices not purchased in the State of Qatar that may cause the disruption in mobile networks and degradation in mobile coverage and quality of service.
The CRA said it can identify illegal devices through its monitoring systems and take the necessary action accordingly, including confiscating any device found to be interfering with any of the licensed networks in Qatar.
The CRA advised the public that usage of certain “personal use” devices is illegal. These devices include cordless phones, wireless headsets, microphones, and similar devices operating on DECT 6 standards (1,900MHz); RFID devices; and mobile signal boosters or repeaters.
These devices, often purchased outside of Qatar, operate on frequency bands exclusively allocated for mobile networks in Qatar. These devices may be allowed for personal use in other countries, but their use in Qatar is prohibited. As such, their import, sale, and use in Qatar is not allowed, the CRA said.
CRA has granted Class License for the use and operation of SRDs, which include RFID devices such as wireless access control for parking gates/doors. These devices are only permitted operations within the authorised frequency bands and power levels.
These specifications are also available in Annexure (2) of this Class License on CRA’s website: The frequency band 900MHz is assigned exclusively to the service providers and should not be used on SRDs, the CRA stressed.
The import, sale or use of mobile signal boosters or repeaters used to enhance the mobile coverage must be compliant with the CRA standards and is allowed only through licensed telecom service providers in Qatar.