The second meeting of senior officials to implement the resolutions of the Arab Summit on Terrorism and Social Development kicked off in Cairo yesterday. Qatar’s delegation to the meeting is headed by the country’s permanent representative to the Arab League Saif bin Muqaddam al-Buainain. The participants will discuss the results of the working group, which met on October 9-10, and plan a proposal with steps and timelines over a year for a phased implementation of the summit’s declaration.

Qatar to fund new Palestinian govt HQ
Qatar announced yesterday it will fund a new headquarters for the Palestinian Authority in Gaza as it seeks to support a recently agreed reconciliation deal between rivals Hamas and Fatah. “Qatar has agreed to build the headquarters of the presidency and the headquarters of the Palestinian government in Gaza after the consensus government assumes its duties fully,” Qatar’s envoy to Gaza Mohamed al-Amadi announced. The Palestinian Authority government is to retake control of the Gaza Strip.

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