Nakilat organised a “memorable and eventful” outing for children from the Dreama orphan care centre yesterday.
Accompanied by volunteers from Nakilat, the children were treated to a day of fun as they could take part in a series of sports and entertainment activities.
In a statement yesterday, the Nakilat Public Relations Department said: “It was heartening to see the children laugh and enjoy themselves as they enthusiastically took part in the activities.
“Spending time with them and showing them that society sincerely cares is the most important thing for these young orphans, not only to brighten up their day, but also to add meaningful experiences to their childhood.
“Nakilat remains committed to continue with its community outreach initiatives, which come as part of the company’s robust Corporate Social Responsibility framework, which focuses on the community, health, education and environment.”
Ahmed Ghanem, head of the Setup and Design Unit at Dreama’s Community Awareness Office, praised Nakilat’s initiative with Dreama as it had a profound impact on all participants.
“These trips are considered one of the most crucial means of entertainment for the children, as it enhances their communicative abilities and social skills,” he said. “It enables the children to learn about new and different environments that aid in developing their horizons and gain experience that enriches their personalities.”
Such activities come within the framework of programmes that promote the development of the children’s ability to adapt, socialise and acquire new methods of communications, and this kind of development makes it easier for the children to integrate into society, it was observed.
Ghanem stressed that Dreama is a pioneer in the care of orphans as well as in terms of integrating them into society by providing the necessary care for orphans when adapting to their foster families.
The centre is committed to serving the children with responsibility, privacy, equality and partnership.