South African, Hungarian troupes enthral audience at Katara
October 21 2017 08:29 PM
FASCINATING: Soweto Thabisong Performers entertain the crowd.

A series of performances at the Cultural Diversity Festival continue to enthral audiences from all walks of life.
The event, organised by Katara – the Cultural Village in co-operation with the Unesco office in Doha, provides an opportunity for residents and visitors to witness varied cultures.
Renowned South African and Hungarian performers took the centre stage recently, providing spectators with traditional demonstrations at Katara’s Amphitheatre.
The South African group, which symbolises the fierce determination of youths to escape poverty, showcased their unique dance talent with their portrayal of Soweto Thabisong Performers, originally coming from the township Soweto.  The performance told the story of building a school to provide children with proper education and learn about their past, collecting traditional songs and bringing together choirs. 
The troupe learned and mastered the dances of their ancestors aimed at presenting them to the world. Their performance fascinated the crowd with authentic African songs and dances using traditional musical instruments.
Following the South African performance, the Szabadka Dance Group from Hungary also wowed the crowd with their vivid costumes, traditional moves and captivating tones.  
Despite their young age, the Hungarian band members have participated in various festivals, competitions and thematic performances. The troupe aims to cultivate authentic folk dance at an advanced level, but the creation of dance theatre productions and performances is equally important for these young dancers.

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