Kannada film Kaafi Thota’s premiere to be attended by cast members
October 12 2017 09:29 PM
POSTER: A promotional image for the film.

By Mudassir Raja

Kannada film Kaafi Thota is releasing in Doha today. The film’s premiere will be held at Asian Town at 6pm and will be attended by the film’s cast members. The organisers say the film premiere is part of their efforts to bring Karnataka films to Qatar. 
“There is a strong and ever-growing expatriate community from Karnataka, India in Qatar. I believe the number is higher than 30,000. The community has long been deprived of Karnataka language films in Qatar and we will change that by bringing the best of Kannada films to Doha,” said Subramanya Hebbagelu, vice president of Karnataka Sangha Qatar (KSQ), a community organisation affiliated with the Indian Cultural Centre.
Hebbagelu explains, “Though I am a representative and active member of the KSQ, I am bringing the movie to Qatar independently. I have good links with the filmmakers and the distributors and have encouraged them to release the movie in Qatar besides other Gulf countries.
“My community in general and KSQ in particular are happy to have regular shows of Kannada movies in Qatar. They are even happier this time as the film cast is also in the town and will be available for the audience to interact with at the premiere. The artistes are keen to see the response to the film in Qatar. Our past experiences have shown that the expatriates from Karnataka give great response to the films from the region.” 
Hebbagelu – who has been in Qatar for the last 10 years as a project director – added, “The largest number of Indian expatriates in Qatar come from the state of Kerala. They are believed to be above 400,000. Malayalam movies are a regular feature in Qatar. Keralites continue to enjoy the movies in their native language besides watching Bollywood’s Hindi movies. The second largest group of Indian expatriates here is from Tamil Nadu. Tamil movies are also regularly released in Qatar for the native community.
 “The expatriates from Karnataka have long desired to watch their native movies in Qatar. We are now giving them the chance to come see these films. The film has been doing well back home and we expect a good number of expatriates to come.”
Kaafi Thota is produced by Manvanthara Chitra and directed by Ashok Cashyap. The movie is written by T N Seetaram and the music has been composed by Anoop Selin.
In the movie, a woman who comes to a stepwell gets murdered and her husband Maheshchandra and her daughter Mythili are left to mourn her.
Twenty year later, Maheshchandra has passed away and his estate is now taken care of by Mythili. Maheshchandra’s wife’s brother Chiranjeevi Raju and his wife Meera are running a homestay inside the estate. Maheshchandra’s elder daughter has died in a car crash with her husband and their kid Praanjali lives in Maheshchandra’s house.
A musician named Chaami comes to the homestay and cures Praanjali’s chronic headache with his music therapy. He becomes part of the family and befriends Mythilii before eventually proposing to her. 
Mythili agrees to the wedding and Chaami invites his childhood friend Niranjan to the ceremony. Niranjan is Mythili’s first love and they broke up because of Maheshchandra’s intervention. Mythili has, with great difficulty, moved on and is now ready to get married to Chaami to which Niranjan also does not pose any objections.
But the night before Mythili’s marriage, Chandavara’s newly transferred circle inspector, Chanchala Kumara comes to Mythili’s house and tells her that there is a threat to her life and warns her not to marry Chaami as he is a criminal. 
The movie is a suspense thriller as the mystery of the murder is not solved till the end.

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