Over 15,000 citizens from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Bahrain, have received health care services at Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) health centres from June 5 to date, indicating that primary health care centres provide services to all patients without discrimination.

PHCC has received 10,550 patients from Saudi Arabia, 3,353 from Bahrain and 1284 from the UAE, since the blockade was imposed on Qatar. These patients have received exactly the same excellence in the level of care as any other Qatari citizen, said a PHCC statement.

PHCC has emphasised that after 120 days of blockade, its 23 health centres continue to provide normal services and that the medical teams provide health service without discrimination between citizens and residents.

“PHCC health centres are providing health services as usual. We are committed to providing primary health care services to all people in the country, including GCC nationals. Our values and ethics require us to provide quality healthcare services to whoever needs them without any discrimination.”

The corporation indicated that the blockade did not have an impact on the delivery of services provided by primary health care facilities where operations in the health centres have been deployed naturally with long-term national plans and strategies in place to enable the teams to meet any exceptional circumstances.

The practical experience faced since the imposition of the blockade highlights that the services provided by the health centres are not and will not be affected by the blockade. Moreover, the work cycle within the health centres is going in the usual way.

PHCC confirmed that its needs for medicines and medical supplies were within normal limits and the health centres receive their needs periodically without any significant problem.

“The tangible achievements prove that we have accomplished a lot and made great strides towards becoming one of the leading global healthcare systems in the region and in the world," stated the PHCC press release.

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