Qatar Red Crescent Society's (QRCS) Mission in the Philippines have recently initiated a new project to rehabilitate the houses affected by the earthquake that rattled the City of Surigao at the north-easternmost tip of Mindanao, southern Philippines, early this year.
The $40,000 project would benefit 117 poor families whose houses were totally damaged in February's earthquake.
In the wake of the disaster, a team of QRCS's Mission visited Surigao to assess the needs in cooperation with the local partner.
In providing aid, priority is being given to the poorest and most affected families with patients, elderly people, special needs, or female breadwinners.

QRCS members at Surigao

According to the plan of the project, each family would receive a cash grant to purchase the tools and materials required for rebuilding and repairing their damaged houses.
A joint committee of QRCS's Mission and the Philippines Red Cross (PRC) was formed to provide supervision and technical advising. The beneficiaries have already been trained in how to use the maintenance tools, store building materials, and observe safety standards. Now, they are well-prepared to deal with any future similar disasters, instead of waiting for humanitarian aid or resorting to substandard shelters.
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