The total value of Qatar’s non-oil exports witnessed a 35.2% increase from QR1.32bn in July 2017 to QR1.79bn in August 2017, according to latest figures from a Qatar Chamber report.
The report was based on the 2,819 certificates of origin issued in May by the Chamber’s Research & Studies Department and Member Affairs Department. 
Qatar Chamber director general Saleh bin Hamad al-Sharqi said there was a surge in Qatar’s exports in spite of the unfair siege imposed on Qatar. He also lauded local companies that managed to overcome the impact of the blockade by continuing to export their products to international markets. 
“The practical response to the unjust procedures of the blockading countries is the substantial rise in exports. This success is the fruit of the efforts undertaken by all components of Qatar’s society and was a translation to the directives of His Highness the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani and all governmental and private sector officials,” al-Sharqi noted.
Qatar’s non-oil exports reached 58 countries in August compared to 59 in the previous month. These included 13 Arab countries and the GCC, 11 European countries (including Turkey), 17 Asian countries (excluding Arab countries), 13 African countries (excluding Arab countries), and three countries in North and South Americas and Australia.
Oman was Qatar’s top non-oil exports destination in August, accounting for QR708.98mn, or 45%, of the total exports for the month. The Netherlands followed with QR169.11mn or 9.4%, and Turkey with QR145.78mn (8.1%).
India accounted for QR126.32mn, or 7%, of the total exports in August, followed by Germany with QR112.69 (6.3%). Eighty percent of the total value of exports was received by Asian countries.
The report said the GCC, as an economic bloc, is a primary destination for Qatari exports (40.38 % of total exports or QR708.177mn). Most of these exports were received by Oman, it noted.
Asian countries, excluding Arab countries, followed Oman with QR492.205mn, or 27.41%, of total non-oil exports. European countries, including Turkey, received QR471.008mn, or 26.23%, of the total export value, while Arab countries, excluding the GCC, registered total exports worth QR 79.455 or 1.11%.
Aluminum alloys, bars, and molds topped the list of non-oil exports with a total value of QR479.5mn or 26.7% of the total non-oil exports. This was followed by helium gas and other industrial gases (QR393.2mn or 20.2%).
Other products include gas oils (QR255.4mn or 14.2%); iron grids, angles, and poles (QR204.2mn); lotrene (QR115.2mn), polyethylene, chemical fertilisers, chemical substances, and plastic rolls. 
These top export products represent 97.2% of the total value of exports, the report further said.

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