Pride and wisdom
September 20 2017 02:18 AM
Faisal Abdulhameed al-Mudahka
By Faisal Abdulhameed al-Mudahka, Editor-in-Chief, Gulf Times

As expected, the speech given by His Highness the Emir summarised it all: Qatar has been and always will  be open to dialogue that respects state sovereignty. Actually, respecting and embracing state sovereignty has been the right and apt remedy that all free nations have agreed as the only means to resolve the Gulf crisis peacefully.
Addressing the UN General Assembly, His Highness the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani called for an international mechanism for resolving crises among countries. The countries that have blockaded Qatar have been cunningly avoiding talks, thinking that they can deceive the international community.
The Emir’s speech  exposed the real face of the blockaders and their hidden agendas behind the fabricated claims they have vainly tried to sell to the international community where law is the main governor.
The speech also touched upon the chameleon-like nature of the blockaders and the different discourses they have so far provided to justify their blatant siege on Qatar. The blockaders’ discourse varies from time to time depending on the addressee. The foxy nature of the blockaders is also being revealed on a daily basis by their official and non-official media. Huge amounts of money are  being paid to those media outlets to raise the pitch of the ongoing hate-speech against the people of Qatar.
Expressing his pride in the Qatari people, along with the multinational and multicultural residents of the country, the Emir said the whole world has witnessed the degree of disrespect and cynicism of the blockaders and their violation of the basic human rights, and how they did not spare even animals. The whole world will also witness the failure of the attempts of the  blockaders to place Qatar under guardianship.       
Rightly diagnosing the causes of terrorism, the Emir said this scourge can be solved only by uprooting its social, political, and economic roots. Describing extremism as among the most serious challenges facing the world, the Emir said Qatar has spared no efforts so far in solving this problem, adding Qatar is funding the education of some seven million people around the world. “All of us know it that terrorism has no religion, race or homeland. Addressing the roots of it is the only means to end this worldwide scourge. Absolute and totalitarian monarchies and states spread all over the world, especially in our region, are some of those terrorist roots.”
Before the whole world, the Emir condemned all forms of terrorism and extremism and  reiterated Qatar’s commitment to the fight against terrorism, through active contributions in regional and international efforts.
Though faced with a serious challenge like an unjustified siege, the Emir showed Qatar’s concern for the oppressed and the occupied like the Rohingya minority in Myanmar and the Palestinians. He also unequivocally demanded an end to the sufferings of the people in Syria, Yemen and Libya, while affirming Qatar’s support for the Iraqi government’s fight against terrorism.
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