Qatar is ready to engage in dialogue to resolve the Gulf crisis, His Highness the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani said in Berlin on Friday, where he was on a working visit.

“The distinct and frank talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel dealt with the more than 100 days of siege on Qatar by its neighbours,” he explained.
His Highness the Emir thanked Merkel for the efforts made by Germany and its role in resolving differences through dialogue as well as its support for the Kuwaiti initiative, which Qatar has been supporting from the beginning and will continue to support until a solution that satisfies all parties is reached.
Speaking at the joint press conference with the German Chancellor, following a meeting at the headquarters of the Federal Chancellery, the Emir said that the talks dealt with the crisis in Libya and Qatar’s support for the internationally recognised Libyan Government of National Accord.
As for the Syrian crisis, which represents a great danger to the region and the world, His Highness the Emir pointed out that there must be a political solution acceptable to all parties in Syria.
His Highness the Emir pointed out that the talks also dealt with the distinguished relations between Qatar and Germany, such as economic and cultural ties and how to develop them.
“We are all fighting terrorism to ensure security but we must focus on the roots and causes of terrorism,” he said while observing that there may be differences with some Arab countries in identifying the roots of terrorism.
With regard to the position towards some German companies in which Qatar has invested and currently facing economic difficulties, His Highness the Emir said that Qatar has great confidence in the German economy and it is a strategic partnership.
“What these companies are going through is normal and will not change Qatar’s position on these investments,” he added.
The German Chancellor expressed concern that more than 100 days had passed since the beginning of the crisis between Qatar and its neighbours without finding a solution.
“Germany does not stand by one side in this crisis, but would like to contribute to a solution based on German values and it sees the need that all parties sit at the dialogue table,” she stressed.
Germany will continue its contacts through diplomatic channels to seek a solution to the crisis, she said, adding that it was agreed during the talks to encourage Kuwait to continue its efforts to resolve it. She expressed appreciation for the US efforts to reach a solution in this crisis.
Merkel explained that the talks dealt with the need to combat terrorism and its international financing, hoping that the positive will from all sides will be available as there are enormous challenges in the region. On the situation in Yemen, she hoped that there will be positive development to resolve the crisis within the GCC.
On bilateral relations, the German Chancellor described German-Qatari relations as strong despite the crisis, expressing the desire to develop them.
In response to a question about Germany's position on the crisis and in view of the 13 demands, the Chancellor replied that she did not believe that, in this conflict, the problem could be solved in public as everything would appear in and be leaked to the media the next day. “Fair and positive results must be reached through discussions,” she urged.
Responding to a question about the FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar and whether the talks dealt with this issue, Chancellor Merkel said this issue was not addressed during the talks but indicated that she was aware that the State of Qatar has carried out reforms on its expatriate workers and that Germany hopes these reforms continue.

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