First phase signalling work ends at Olympic Roundabout
September 10 2017 09:50 PM
A view of the Olympic intersection which was formally opened for traffic.
A view of the Olympic intersection which was formally opened for traffic.

Traffic through the old Olympic Roundabout on Rayyan Road is expected to be much smoother as the road was formally opened yesterday after the completion of the first phase of the project to install traffic signals. The widening of the road in all four directions is almost complete and it is expected to be ready in a month's time.

While launching the new traffic signals, officials of the Directorate of Traffic of the Ministry of Interior and Ashghal hoped the traffic through the intersection would flow better after the completion of the second phase of the widening works. Speaking to Gulf Times, Directorate of Traffic director Brigadier Mohamed Saad bin al-Kharji and Traffic Engineering and Safety director Brigadier Mohamed Abdurahim Marafia said the improved and widened roads from the intersection would facilitate movement of no less than 14,500 vehicles per hour.
The officials also expressed happiness at the fast pace at which the first phase work was completed in a little over one month. Besides installing traffic signals, the first phase comprised work on the three lanes of the road in each direction at the intersection, traffic signals, drainage networks, and renewing utility pipes. It was informed on Sunday that Ashghal had also protected all existing utility pipes and removed the roundabout’s residues in a week. Usually such works would have consumed close to a month, said the authorities.
The second phase of the work includes opening a traffic signal that provides three lanes to turn left in addition to a lane for U-turn.
The work on converting Olympic Roundabout to a signal-controlled intersection is part of the third phase of Al Rayyan Street Development package. The project includes developing and widening three intersections, namely Olympic Roundabout, Al Shura Council Intersection, and Ahmad bin Ali Intersection (also known as Bin Omran Intersection). This is in addition to developing Al Rayyan Street. All intersections have four lanes in each direction, in addition to the service roads. The full project is scheduled to be completed in August 2018.
Ashghal authorities have said the north-bound travellers heading to Madinat Khalifa and Bin Omran through Messila Tunnel on Al Rayyan Road should not use Al Rayyan Bridge and instead use Al Rayyan Roundabout without touching the Olympic Intersection.

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