Qatar stands firm and has maintained its sovereignty and economic prosperity despite the blockade entering its fourth month, a number of Qataris have affirmed.

Speaking to local Arabic daily Arrayah, they expressed their pride in the steps taken by the government to counter the immediate impact of the abrupt and unjustifiable move by the four blockading countries.
Further, the intended consequences of the blockade were quickly reversed by the country, enhancing its sovereignty and independence.
The government responded quickly by finding alternative and direct trade routes to substitute the supply lines of the blockading countries.
In addition, the country managed to provide the local market with an abundant supply of food, appliances and building materials.
The blockade was also a good opportunity to encourage local production and further investment in food production to maintain self-sufficiency in this regard.
Qatar's diplomatic efforts have also managed to expose to the whole world the falsehood of the claims and accusations of the blockading countries through facts and truth and not adopting the approach of others of exchanging accusations and slanderous remarks.
Also, the people of the GCC countries have broken the blockade imposed on them by their countries through social media, where they expressed their solidarity and support for Qatar and its people.
The whole of Qatar, expatriates and locals, have expressed their utmost support and love for the government and the wise leadership of His Highness the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani.
Speaking to Arrayah, Qatari citizen Khalifa al-Shemri expressed his pride in the Qatari media's handling of the blockade by adopting a reasonable and professional approach, away from fabrications and falsehood.
He said it is clear that all the people in the country are proud of its government and leadership and stand behind them united.
Badr al-Qurayshi stated that the country faced the consequences of the blockade by encouraging investment and production in all fields, and supporting young investors in starting their business as quickly as possible.
In particular, the food needs of the country were quickly supplied no one felt any shortage even immediately after the blockade began.
Talib Afifa pointed out that the blockade could undermine Qatar's worldwide humanitarian aid and efforts to alleviate the suffering of the needy and vulnerable in many places.
Abdulla al-Dosari said the blockade reflected positively on the local production of food, in particular agriculture and the development of local farms.
Khalid al-Tamimi stressed the blockade has created a general popular trend among the people of the country to enhance self-sufficiency, and encourage promotion of local products.
Ibrahim al-Ajla said that the solidarity expressed by GCC countries for Qatar's cause through social media is proof that the country is on the right path.
The general mood is that the prosperity, welfare and stability of Qatar are enhanced day by day and its people enjoy life as usual in spite of all the falsehood and fabrications of the blockading countries' media.

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