An atmosphere of love, joy and piety prevailed across Qatar when Eid al-Adha celebrations began on Friday.
Early in the morning, a vast number of residents hurried for Eid prayers. People from different walks of life and nationalities performed the Eid prayers side by side and listened to the sermon, which focused on the importance of brotherly love, family times and the importance of helping others, especially in the times of difficulty.

Police patrols had intensified their presence to ensure smooth flow of traffic. As customary in Eid al-Adha, many people, especially Qataris, were keen to slaughter a sacrificial sheep immediately after concluding the Eid prayers, followed by the traditional family gathering and exchange of visits among friends and family members.
Despite the ongoing blockade against Qatar by some Gulf-Arab countries, the Eid festivities went on without any hitch, allowing all sections of residents to take part in the celebrations.
Local charities sent donations and contributions of the people of Qatar to underprivileged people around the world to share with them the happiness of Eid. "Part of Eid is to give and share with people the blessings we enjoy. It is a tradition of the people of Qatar to give out to anyone in need and we thank God that we have been able to do this, regardless of the negative talks of others and their false accusations. We trust our charities, who help in spreading joy and prosperity among the needy in the world," said Khalid Ibrahim, a young Qatari man.

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