The Compensation Claims Committee received 26 applications on Sunday and five phone calls from various individuals looking for getting the adequate compensation for their losses due to the on-going blockade.

Applicants told local Arabic daily Arrayah that their losses could be counted in millions of Riyals, in some cases. Land cargo companies, in particular, have stressed that with the closure of the land borders by the Saudi Authorities, their business has come to a complete halt abruptly.
Others pointed out that their business in Saudi Arabia, in particular owners of farms and livestock, incurred huge losses due to the sudden denial of access to their property, workers and herds in the Saudi territories. They were even denied any access to money transfer, which made them unable to send money to support their expatriate workers in Saudi Arabia, leaving them stranded there.
In the UAE, many Qatari students were dismissed from the education institutes and universities immediately after the blockade was enforced and some of them were not given any documents to prove the already accomplished courses and academic hours. In addition, a considerable number of Qatari property owners in the UAE have become completely unable to follow up on their apartments or houses there.
The committee was established by the government to assist the aggrieved persons and companies get their due compensations through the proper legal channels and its operation will go on until all such related issued are resolved.

Besides receiving complaints and classifying them into relevant categories so as to file cases in relevant courts for compensation, the committee helps people prepare the necessary documents and advise them on what should be done to submit a claim.
Claims for potential loss of property in the siege countries, particularly the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, as well as livestock and other assets are among the cases being received by the committee, in addition to students’ complaints as well as humanitarian and family-related issues.