Plenty of greens available at the Central Market
August 08 2017 11:15 PM
The wholesale section of the Central Market on Tuesday.

By Ayman Adly/Staff Reporter

Despite the blockade on Qatar which has entered the third month, the Central Market has been receiving a wide variety of fresh products at the vegetables and fruits markets daily, it is learnt.
The supplies come from Latin America, Africa, Europe, in particular Turkey, Iran, Lebanon, Algeria, Tunisia, and Asia, including Australia and New Zealand.
On Tuesday, the supply of both local and imported products far exceeded demand and the vendors were willing to further reduce prices to entice customers into buying more.
A big box of white or black Turkish grapes of around 7kg was sold for a minimum of QR20; bananas from the Philippines were being sold for QR30 per carton of around 15kg; carrots from Iran, Turkey and China were priced below QR10 for a box or a sack; lettuce, mostly from Iran, were priced from QR20-30 for a big box; tomatoes in different varieties and quantities from Jordan, Algeria, Turkey, and Iran were available for QR27 for a 10kg box; cucumber, both local and imported, was available in big quantities with the price starting from QR25 for a box of around 6kg; and potatoes were priced from QR7 a sack of around 5kg.
Other products include all types of fruits such as orange, plum, pear, apple, lemon; leafy vegetables, cauliflower, local dates of different varieties, sweet melons and watermelons for less than QR10 for a mid-size one, cherries, and many others.
Those looking for small amounts can drop in at the adjacent kilo market, where all the fresh products are displayed every day at competitive prices.
For instance, Jordanian tomatoes were priced around QR6 per kg, cucumber were QR6 per kg, eggplants QR5 per kg and bananas QR5 per kg.
The prices change from day to day due to the quantity of supply, which is mostly governed by the season of the year.
Yet, it is very clear that the flow of such goods has become quite regular after the initial days of the blockade as more trade routes have been introduced.

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