Iran begins production of Sayyad-3 anti-aircraft missiles
July 22 2017 06:21 PM
Sayyad-3 air defence missiles are on display in Iran.


Iran has begun the serial production of Sayyad-3 anti-aircraft missiles, Iranian state television quoted the country's Defence Minister Hossein Dehghan as saying on Saturday.
The missiles will have a range of 120 kilometres and be able to reach a height of 27 kilometres, the defence minister said.
They are designed to defend Iran against attacks from fighter jets, drones and helicopters.
As with other statements from the Iranian military, Dehghan's claims cannot be verified independently.
The US this week introduced further sanctions against Iran, with its controversial missile programme being one of the reasons.
Tehran has stressed consistently that its military and missile programmes are designed to defend its own borders and pose no threat to other countries.
Dehghan said that Iran needs no permission from foreign powers - even superpowers like the US - to exercise this legitimate right.

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