His Highness the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani has stressed the need to open Qatar's economy to investments and initiatives so that the country produces the food and medicine it needs and achieve economic independence.
The Emir also called for diversifying the sources of income, "achieve our economic independence through bilateral relations of co-operation with other countries, in our geographical environment and worldwide, and on the basis of mutual interests and mutual respect."
In a speech addressed to the nation on Friday he said: "We also call upon ourselves to develop our educational, research and media institutions, as well as our sources of soft power at the international level and with the interaction of the best national, Arab and foreign expertise. All of this of course will be in cooperation with the residents in our country who work, contribute and live with us, and who stood with us throughout this crisis.
"On numerous occasions I have directed our institutions to pursue the policy of economic openness and diversification. At this stage, this is no longer a matter of luxury for us, but a binding and inevitable course of action, leaving no room for complacency. This is the responsibility of all of us, government and business community alike.
"This crisis has helped us identify the shortcomings and obstacles in determining Qatar's national, political, economic and independent identity and in deciding to overcome and surpass these obstacles.
"As we pass through this test with honour and dignity, I am addressing you to emphasise that Qatar needs every one of you to build its economy and protect its security.
"We require diligence, creativity, independent thinking, constructive initiatives and interest in academic achievement in all disciplines, self-reliance and fighting indolence and dependency. This is not just wishful thinking, and these are not mere dreams. Our goals are realistic and practical, based on the continued determination that Qataris have shown during this crisis. This is not just a passing wave of enthusiasm, but rather the basis for further awareness in building the homeland.
"Under my direction, the government will do whatever it takes to achieve this vision, including the required economic openness, the removal of obstacles to investment, and the prevention of monopolies in the context of building the national economy and investing in human development. 
"I have also directed the government to allocate newly-discovered gas revenues that God has blessed us with to investment for our future generations. Qatar has lived well so far without it. We will also continue to work on the international arena to deepen bilateral co-operation and conclude bilateral agreements between Qatar and other countries."
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