His Highness the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani has appreciated the spirit of solidarity, harmony and defiance that prevailed among the people of Qatar, both citizens and residents, since the beginning of the blockade imposed by fellow GCC countries.
"This spirit has frustrated the hopes of those who banked on the opposite side because of their ignorance of the nature of our society and our people," the Emir said in an address to citizens and "all those who live on the good land of Qatar" on the current situation and the future directions of Qatar.
The Emir said day-to-day life in Qatar has continued as normal since the onset of the blockade. "The Qatari people instinctively and naturally stood up to defend the sovereignty and independence of their homeland," he said adding that "all those who live in this country have become spokespersons for Qatar".
He recognised, with great pride, the high moral standard exercised by the people of the country despite the campaign of incitement as well as the siege. "They combined the solidity of stance and magnanimity of behaviour that has always characterised the Qatari people. They have amazed the world by maintaining a high level of tenacity in tackling the situation, despite the unprecedented incitement in tone and language, the honour-related prejudices, and the unparalleled blockade in the relations between our countries."
The Emir said this was tantamount to a true moral test "where our society has achieved great success, as we have proved that there are basic principles and norms that we observe even in times of conflict and dispute, because we respect ourselves first and foremost". He called upon all to continue this approach, and not slip into "what is inappropriate for us, nor for our principles and our values".
He said the sons and daughters of the country have realised, with common sense and political awareness, the seriousness of the campaign against their homeland, and the goals of the siege imposed on it.
"They have seen through the heavy curtain of fabrications and incitement, without blurring or distorting their vision, and were able to understand the implications of the attempt to impose pressure on this country, and the gravity of the subservience to language of incitement, threats and diktats.
"It has become evident to those near and far that this campaign and the steps that followed it had been planned well in advance, and that its plotters and implementers carried out an attack on the sovereignty of the State of Qatar by planting statements that had not been spoken, in order to mislead public opinion and the world and achieve predetermined goals."
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