Qatar supports peace and justice and spends millions on educating and creating thousands of jobs in developing countries, Qatar's Permanent Representative to the Arab League, Saif bin Muqaddam al-Buainain, has said.

The ambassador was addressing the opening session of the Arab Information Ministers' Council in Cairo in response to the accusations levelled at Qatar during the session by some delegation representatives.
He pointed out that the session is not a place of accusations, but rather a forum for Arab solidarity, noting that the Saudi representative accused Qatar of supporting terrorism without any evidences, whereas Qatar is an active member in all of the international bodies and institutions that fight terrorism.
"We know where Al Qaeda and ISIS originated from," al-Buainain said, adding that international reports publicly point to the true sponsors of terrorism.
"We also know the television channels that twist the truth to manipulate the public opinion and even use children to abuse my country," the ambassador added.
The Qatari representative said that accusing Qatar is "unacceptable," adding that if they have evidence they should present it publicly.
"They speak on behalf of the Gulf Co-operation Council and it consists of six countries. We wouldn't have wanted to be dragged into arguments while more pressing issues await for us, but is it acceptable to expel pilgrims and students and even suppressing sympathetic human feeling with a just cause that is the actual terrorism," al-Buainain said.
Affirming that there is not a single Qatari charged with terrorism in any country in the world, he pointed out that the UN Secretary-General's humanitarian envoy and the Arab League representative in the same field are both Qatari citizens, which shows that humanitarian issues are of the highest concern for Qatar.

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