LuLu Hypermarket Group has said it has started importing all categories of fresh milk from renowned suppliers in the United Kingdom, twice a week on a regular basis, to ensure uninterrupted supply in all their outlets across the region. 
The major categories of fresh milk that are being made available on shelves from dairy brands such as Graham’s, a2 and Countrylife, are sterilised whole cow’s milk, skimmed cow’s milk, semi-skimmed cow’s milk, organic whole cow milk, skimmed organic milk and semi-skimmed organic milk in one litre and two litre containers. 
All these categories of fresh milk have an average shelf life of seven days, LuLu Group has said in a press statement.
The management of LuLu Group has said fresh milk imported from the UK tastes good and is rich in nutritional contents such as calcium, carbohydrates, fat, phosphorous, potassium, iodine, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B12, zinc and protein.
“It is much better in quality and health-oriented than any milk that were available earlier from other GCC countries,” the statement noted. For instance, the a2 milk is cow's milk that contains predominantly the A2 type of beta-casein protein rather than the more common A1 protein found in regular milk.
Besides, LuLu Group has organised the import of whole cow’s milk, semi-skimmed cow’s milk, skimmed cow’s milk, whole goat’s milk and semi-skimmed goat’s milk pasteurised in ultra-high temperature (UHT long-life milk) from reputable companies of the UK such as Arla, Daioni and Delamere. 
“It is quite a healthy drink and all of the nutritional benefits of drinking milk are available from pasteurised milk without the risk of disease that comes with drinking raw milk. Normal pasteurisation heats milk to around 70-75C for 15 seconds, but the newer technique heats at up to 150C for five seconds. At such a temperature, all harmful pathogens, including spores, are killed, as well as the enzymes which could spoil the milk, which is why you can keep at room temperature for months,” the statement explained.
The milk also goes directly into the container after heating, which eliminates possible contamination. 
Besides, almond milk, cashew milk and rice milk are also available on the shelves. 
Soya milk is also made available from major suppliers in the UK, namely Alpro, Provamel and Soysole, in flavours such as E/Calci soya milk, soya with coconut milk, unsweetened soya milk, milk light, milk vanilla, chocolate milk, strawberry milk, rice plus Calcium+Vit and sweetened CI&Vitamin. 
Fresh fat-free fruit yoghurts from reputable international brands such as Danone Activa are also available.
The LuLu Group management has stressed that this bulk stock of fresh, UHT and Soya milk are available at all LuLu outlets. They are also in the process of importing Europe’s first naturally enriched fresh milk - ‘NEMi’ - from the UK, which is expected to arrive in the next week.
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