Qatar Charity (QC) signed a co-operation agreement with the Indonesian Ministry of Higher Education with the goal of drilling 100 surface wells to supply universities and colleges suggested by the ministry with drinkable water.
QC will bear the costs of drilling, installation of tanks with 100 litres capacity and installation of water lifting machinery.
Directorate General of the ministry Ali Gufron said the agreement will have a huge impact on the lives of the students and providing drinkable water and will help them to carry on with their studies easily.
QC should be a role model to civil society organisations and humanitarian charities due to their interest in the real needs of the society and the implementation of the projects needed, Gufron added.
QC Country Director of Indonesia office Karam Zeinhom said the Charity follows a well examined development vision when determining suitable areas to implement its projects. QC is always keen that its projects serve a large number of people, hence the choice came after a field survey was carried out to choose the universities and colleges that suffer from severe shortage of water, Zeinhom added.
QC has drilled 3,550 wells in Garut City of Indonesia, as part of an agreement signed with its governor Rudy Gunawan in September 2014. The QR1.75mn project now offers drinkable water for the city after years of its people suffering and drinking water from ponds causing many diseases. The 300sq km city of Garut, with a population of 2.5mn, relies mainly on agriculture.
QC continues to implement income-generating projects for poor families in Indonesia, benefiting 12,000 families so far. These projects are part of QC’s efforts in Indonesia to contribute to the development of local communities targeted through these projects and to support international efforts to achieve the current Millennium Development Goals. In addition, QC works on contributing to the self-sufficiency of poor families by providing a continuous source of income for them to preserve their dignity.
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