Citizens and expatriates living in the country have unanimously rejected the fabricated and fake news emanating from the Arab nations that have imposed a blockade on Qatar.
The Qatar inhabitants said they were careful about such news items, especially the ones circulating through social media, according to a report in local Arabic daily Arrayah.
The people Arrayah spoke to stressed that the current situation has further boosted their confidence in the government for its effective management of the country. The atmosphere of safety, security and prosperity remains unchanged despite all external attempts to undermine this, they point out.
In addition, the government has effectively addressed related issues, including providing the local market with the necessary consumer items at reasonable prices.
A number of citizens spoke out on the issue, as reported by the daily.
Issa al-Mannai said the blockade has highlighted the best of both Qataris and expatriates who have been eager to express love and solidarity for the wise leadership of the country. Similarly, the blockade is also an opportunity to enhance consumer trust in local products – which will encourage more local producers to increase their supply.
Saad al-Shemari, praised the response of many expatriates in the country to the false news circulating in sections of the regional and foreign media about the situation in Qatar due to the blockade. He expressed pride in the fact that both Qataris and expatriates have taken such a stance, affirming the unity of all people living in the country.
Mohamed Abdulghani stressed that people in the country have defeated the blockade and also proved that they can stand united against any force trying to undermine the stability and sovereignty of Qatar.   
Abdulahdi al-Ahbabi said the Qatari people have proven their high moral standards and ethics as they have reacted with restraint and responsibility to the abuse and false accusations targeting Qatar on social media.
Mohamed Ali, an Arab expatriate, said traders, retailers and shop operators have generally displayed a great degree of responsibility and not tried to exploit the situation by hiking prices. In fact, they have given special offers on various items. Besides, the authorities concerned have exercised tighter control on the local market to prevent price manipulation and disruption in the supply of commodities.

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