People from different walks of life in Qatar celebrated the first day of Eid al-Fitr in an atmosphere of piety, festivity and camaraderie.  

Citizens and expatriates turned up for the early morning prayers in large numbers, which was followed by the exchange of greetings and family visits through the day.
Some others chose to spend time at malls and enjoy the various attractions lined up for the occasion.

The prayers were held at various mosques and designated grounds.
Traffic patrols controlled the exit and entry points of the key areas to guarantee a smooth flow of movement and avoid any congestion due to the crowd and the rush of believers keen to reach their destination ahead of the set time before 5am. After the conclusion of the prayers people exchanged Eid greetings to each other peaceful and happy holidays. A dominant scene among them was their love of the country, where they enjoy peace, safety and prosperity under its wise leadership. Besides, most people taking part the Eid prayers expressed their solidary and support for the country and prayed for a quick resolve of the issues with blockade country.
Another distinctive feature of the early morning yesterday is that the majority of the people who performed the prayers were keen to put on their new and best clothes and use some perfumes as well.
"It is the best part of the day to start the celebration with Eid prayers at the mosque in the company of your friends, family and all believers, whether you know or you do not know them. It is a great sense of being one family in such a very special occasion. I am on a single status here, so my friend invited me to have breakfast with his family after the prayers," said Abdulhameed, an Arab expatriate employee.
It is leant that many preferred to exchange family visits in the morning to have breakfast after the Eid prayers and spend a brief time together as customary during Eid among many communities in the country.
"What is much interesting about Doha is that it hosts a considerable number of expatriate communities with their distinctive cultures and heritage, which in a way or another they are free to exercise and practice in harmony with others. However, everyone agrees that Eid is a good opportunity for people to get together in warm and festive mood, which I have seen it very clear here in the country. In particular, Qataris are very keen to maintain their traditions and keen to enhance such a joyful spirit of Eid," pointed out a Turkish expatriate engineer, who took part at the early morning prayers.
Most of the day and early afternoon the roads of the country experienced very light traffic as many people preferred to stay home to avoid the hot weather and rest, while making phone and internet calls sending good wishes to their loved ones.


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