A six-year-old Indian boy has died after falling into an uncovered manhole in the Wukair area late Saturday evening.
The victim identified as Izan Ahmed Basheer was a student of the Ideal Indian School, sources told Gulf Times. He was the son of Parambath Basheer and Rahana.
Izan, who had reportedly gone to dine at a restaurant, accompanied by his parents in Wukair on the tragic day, was found missing after the family finished their meals. Thereafter, a search was launched for the boy by relatives, friends and some community members in the area, and a complaint was also registered with the Wakra police.
His body was found in the manhole, in the immediate vicinity of the restaurant in the early hours yesterday.
Izan's family hails from Koduvally in the Indian state of Kerala's Kozhikode district.
The child's tragic death, which occurred on the eve of Eid al-Fitr, has saddened the expatriate community.